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So, What's With the Name?

We get that question a lot. So here’s the story…

Back in 2013 we were still just some backyard bbq enthusiasts. That year we decided to enter a bbq competition up in Lake Placid NY. We had been vacationing there for years and saw the competition always being held every July. After talking about it for a few years we decided to give it a try.

This competition was just like the ones you see on tv. You submit your bbq in unmarked boxes and judges grade them. There were about 40 teams competing. Each team needed a name. These names run the whole range from “Smith’s BBQ” to “Big Butts BBQ”, etc.

My teammate at the time was my brother in law. His son, my nephew, was in high school. They had a teacher who used to tell the students if they didn’t study and get good grades they were going to live in Struggletown. So my nephew and some friends formed a HS band called Struggletown. It was a way to tease the teacher in good fun. And they were pretty good!

We thought Struggletown BBQ would be a cool name for a BBQ team so we went with it.

For the next few years we competed in more and more competitions as Struggletown BBQ. Then family started asking us to cook for them. Then friends. Then friends of friends. Then people in town. And so on and so on. We just grew organically and by word of mouth.

When we decided to go “official” and make a business out of bbq, the name was part of who we were and we made it our official business name. Plus, we think it’s pretty cool and unique!

Once we had our name, the tagline came naturally. Struggletown BBQ…’cause good que ain’t easy!

So that’s the story of how we came to be know as Struggletown BBQ!

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