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Welcome to Our New Blog

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Hi everyone. Welcome to our new website and the initial entry from our new blog. I'm looking forward to using this blog to provide regular updates on all things BBQ and new happenings here in Struggletown.

I'll be sharing stories from the BBQ world, recipes, techniques and random musings from the disturbed mind of a sleep deprived Pitmaster. This will be a great space to share my passion for BBQ with all of you.

Check in often for updates! Until then, I'll see you around the fire pit.

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So my son just brought home the best ribs I have ever had im so glad he stumbled upon this place by accident

Me gusta

Eileen Naso
Eileen Naso
31 ago 2023

Thank you for coming to The Glen Community today! We enjoyed our dinners very much!! It was delicious 😋

Me gusta

Where will you be Thursday, 8/31??? Afternoon and/ or evening, thanks.

Me gusta

LOVE your BBQ!!

Me gusta
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